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This CNY: Are You Ready To Roar? (Part 1)

As we usher into the year of the tiger, many of us also anticipate how we will fare this new year. Fortune telling is an integral part of the traditional Chinese culture, in which the Chinese observe the prediction of their luck for the entire year based on their zodiac.


Nowadays, some will consider fortune telling as an entertainment, while others treat it as a guideline for the year. That being said, this article is just for entertainment purposes and not meant to be taken seriously. The predictions are credited to Tiong Hoa and The Chinese Zodiac.


Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of 12 zodiacs! Will luck and fortune be with you this Chinese New Year?



Overall: You will experience a lot of changes as well as an immense amount of joy.


Finance: Business is expected to be profitable for the half of the year. Save money by minimizing your expenses as you may need them later on. Avoid changing jobs or working environments.


Love: Things will be joyous with your partner and family. It is the right time to get married and start a family. If you are single, you can look forward to getting into a new relationship.


Health: Be mindful of your physical wellbeing as you will be facing pressure at work.


Lucky number: 3


Lucky day: Saturday


Lucky colours: Blue, black and grey.



Overall: Be mindful and careful as you will face obstacles. Get ready to make prompt decisions when you face challenges. Manage your temper.


Finance: If there is confusion regarding your financial decision, be patient and evaluate your options before making a choice. Avoid speculation and reserve your savings for unexpected expenses.


Love: Singles are likely to find a partner; it is possible to experience ups-and-downs with your partner if your spouse is born in the year of the Goat or Horse.


Health: Will be the best. Avoid extreme sports.


Lucky number: 9


Lucky day: Thursday


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown and red.



Overall: Consider taking a step back in your goals and plan ahead for the time being. Take the time to acquire new skills to utilize them in your career next time.


Finance: Anticipate an increase of expenses so it may be difficult to save. Be humble and diplomatic in the office to avoid dissatisfaction among employees.


Love: Be cautious of commitments.


Health: Keep an eye for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.


Lucky number: 8


Lucky day: Tuesday


Lucky colours: Green, blue and black.



Overall: This year is predicted to go through smoothly. Career and business prospects are expected to improve.


Finance: Avoid unnecessary expenses and speculations. Make careful planning and consideration before investing.


Love: Great year for you and your partner. Good time to start a family.


Health: Rest more and practise a healthier diet to improve your quality of life.


Lucky number: 5


Lucky day: Wednesday


Lucky colours: Green, blue and black.



Overall: Great luck this year. Anticipate a busy year ahead.


Finance: Suitable time to change jobs or start a new business project. Stable financial wellbeing. Maintain a good relationship with everyone in your social circle by being patient and diplomatic.


Love: Have an open conversation with your partner to overcome hurdles in marriage. For singles, people born in the year of the Rat, Tiger or Rooster are good matches. High possibility for marriage.


Health: Watch out for relapsed illness if you have any. Take care of your well being generally.


Lucky number: 6


Lucky day: Friday


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown and red.



Overall: Bumpy road ahead. Taking up new hobbies or focusing on your hobbies will be a good option to get through the year; rather than venturing to something new or risky.


Finance: Avoid taking financial risks. Stay focused in your career and steer clear of confrontations by being diplomatic with colleagues.


Love: Long-term relationship can be uncertain. Brace yourself with possible difficult times with your spouse.


Health: Look out for severe insomnia and high blood pressure. Reducing your stress level with yoga or meditation may help.


Lucky number: 2


Lucky day: Monday


Lucky colours: Red, purple and pink.

Couldn’t find your zodiac? Click here for the second half of the list!


So, are you ready to roar this new year? You can amp up your “HUAT” and “ONG” by getting yourself items according to your lucky colours! Check out what you can get to usher in the year of the Tiger: 8 Must Have Appliances For Chinese New Year 


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