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8 Must Have Appliances For Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Gong Xi, the year of the tiger is around the corner! Has everyone been well?


As Chinese New Year approaches, we will think of preparations for the new year. When it comes to preparations, we will instantly think of tiresome chores, especially spring cleaning and feast preparations with our family.


This is when technology comes into picture. The innovation of technology has helped to relieve our burdens as we enter the digital age. With this, here are eight must have appliances for Chinese New Year:



Haier Multi-Function Cooker (HA-MFC01)


One of the main important dishes for Chinese New Year is fish and perfecting a fish dish can be tricky. But worry not, Haier’s Multi-Function Cooker is the right tool for you and your family! The multi-function cooker contains one non-stick 4L deep pan, one non-stick grill pan, and one stainless steel steam rack. Its capacity basket is up to 4 Litres. It also comes with three tiers of temperature control: low, medium and high; suitable for frying, baking, steaming and grilling. They are helpful to maintain a healthy diet as the non-stick accessories reduce your oil consumption.


Haier’s Multi-Function Cooker will be a helpful kitchen companion for this Chinese New Year. You can get it now at Senheng! Click here for more info.

Morse Robomate Gyro+


Getting tired from constantly cleaning after your family and friends during the celebration? No problem, Morse’s Robomate Gyro+ will make sure your floors are spotless! Robomate Gyro+ is self-charging with a programmable schedule and remote control, making it convenient to use via smartphone app or one touch auto clean button. Its design allows it to clean narrow areas at home, such as under beds and furniture and edges at home. Its suction power is able to pick up dirt and hair as well as its water tank in mopping your hardwood, laminate, tile and stone floors. It is also easily-maintained and has a long battery life.


Morse’s Robomate Gyro+ will give you and your family an ease of mind this Chinese New Year. You can get it now at Morse Electronics! Click here for more info.

Onemoon Air Fryer OA2


Celebrating Chinese New Year with your family also means cooking up a storm, especially when you have a big family. Onemoon Air Fryer OA2’s huge capacity will be able to give you a helping hand during this new year. Aside from its 4-Litre capacity, it has adjustable temperature from 80°C to 200°C and timer up to 30 minutes; according to your cooking preference. It being an air fryer will be healthier, as it does not require oil. This fryer is also suitable for baking. Its large capacity is useful to cook for home parties as well.


Onemoon’s Air Fryer OA2 will be useful for frying for a huge feast this new year. You can get it now at Aihome! Click here for more info.

Panasonic 300W Twin Jug Blender (PSN-MX801S)


If you or your family are a cooking enthusiast who likes to cook everything from scratch, Panasonic’s 300W Twin Jug Blender is a must-have! The blender is useful for blending spices and sauces for your cooking. It also has a mill function to grind coffee beans and nuts for your dessert and drinks. The blender also comes with another jug, which makes your kitchen management easier when you don’t have time to wash the first jug. It is also suitable for fruit juices, a healthier beverage alternative for your friends and family during the new year.


Panasonic’s 300W Twin Jug Blender will come in handy this new year. You can get it now at Touch IT Solution! Click here for more info.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3 Generation


With the ongoing pandemic and air pollution, Xiaomi’s Mijia Air Purifier 3 Generation will purify your air at home. Its small size makes it portable, which can be placed easily anywhere at home. The OLED touch and display allows you to view the air quality at home. Its high-precision laser particle sensor is sensitive to air quality, making it accurately analyse your air quality at home. Mijia Air Purifier 3 has three layers of filter purification, so it is efficient in removing harmful substances, such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde. This air purifier will improve the quality of air you, your friends and your family breathe in.


Xiaomi’s Mijia Air Purifier 3 Generation will boost your quality of life this new year. You can get it now at iGadgets! Click here for more info.

Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 1.8L (RK7521)


One important ingredient that we always consume that may be easily overlooked is rice. Chinese New Year’s meals are not complete without a bowl of warm and fluffy rice. Without further ado, Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker is definitely a must-have in your household. This is not just your average rice cooker; it is multi-purpose as well. The appliance is versatile to steam your dishes, boil soup and cook various kinds of dishes. It can also reheat your dishes, an ideal cookware for your festive season meal with your family.


Tefal’s Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker will be substantial to your Chinese New Year. You can get it now at One Living! Click here for more info.

Electrolux 2-in-1 Ergopido PowerPro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner (ZB3414AK / ZB3411)


Reaching for corners at your home to remove dust may be tiresome during spring cleaning, especially when you have to carry a vacuum cleaner around with you. Electrolux 2-in-1 Ergopido PowerPro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner will make your cleaning process easier and faster. The vacuum cleaner can be brought around at home without any restrictions as it is cordless. Its two-in-one feature allows you to reach narrow spaces with ease as well as dusting surfaces. Its battery capacity enables you to use the device for up to 48 minutes.


Electrolux’s 2-in-1 Ergopido PowerPro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner will aid you in your spring cleaning this new year. You can get it now at Weng Hub! Click here for more info.

Dyson HD08 Supersonic Iron Fuchsia Hair Dryer


When it comes to Chinese New Year, we are also talking about looking good and presentable in front of our friends and family. Dyson HD08 Supersonic Iron Fuchsia Hair Dryer will be a major upgrade in your life this festive season. This hair dryer’s digital motor is fast and powerful, perfectly delivering what it is built for. It has heat control that protects your hair, making it an ideal device to own. This supersonic hair dryer comes with five styling attachments, providing the tool you need to style your hair for the celebration. Aside from its heat and speed settings, it also has a cold shot function to set your hair after styling.


Dyson’s HD08 Supersonic Iron Fuchsia Hair Dryer will be your reliable styling companion this new year. You can get it now at TBM! Click here for more info.

Here are our must-haves for you during this year of the tiger. Worrying about your budget? Don’t worry, you can split your payments into two, three or six monthly payments at zero interest with myIOU. Let’s get ready for Chinese New Year with myIOU now. Huat ah!

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