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This CNY: Are You Ready To Roar? (Part 2)

Nowadays, some will consider fortune telling as an entertainment, while others treat it as a guideline for the year. That being said, this article is just for entertainment purposes and not meant to be taken seriously. The predictions are credited to Tiong Hoa and The Chinese Zodiac.


In the first half of zodiacs list from the previous article, we have listed the fortune telling predictions for Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake.


This article will feature the second half of zodiacs: Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Will luck and fortune be with you this Chinese New Year?



Overall: 2022 will start off slow as there will be setbacks and hurdles. But stay on your plans and goals as things will get better after you have overcome those obstacles!


Finance: For business owners, anticipate profitable returns in your business. Can consider investing in low-risk stocks and retrain from speculations.


Love: Try making an effort to maintain your relationship and be sensitive to your significant other.


Health: Pink of health this year; but do pay heed to your daily lifestyle.


Lucky number: 3


Lucky day: Sunday


Lucky colours: Red, purple and green.



Overall: Start off the new year with care as there may be hindrances in your journey.


Finance: Will be favourable by mid 2022. Stay clear of office politics and hard work will be rewarded financially. Maintaining a good relationship with everyone as it will help with your career.


Love: Good time to get into a relationship. For married couples, take care of each other and avoid disputes.


Health: Fit as a fiddle. Do brief exercises like take a walk outdoors regularly.


Lucky number: 7


Lucky day: Wednesday


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown and red.



Overall: Swing through the year cautiously as there may be hurdles in your path.


Finance: Watch out for people whenever it involves money. Be extremely vigilant and examine your decision before investing. Plan your expenditures.


Love: Being patient helps to maintain harmony with your partner. Take care of your mental wellbeing and be mindful of your thought process.


Lucky number: 8


Lucky day: Friday


Lucky colours: Gold, white and silver.



Overall: A great year ahead. At the same time, you will also experience extraordinary scenarios.


Finance: Good time to start a business or change your job. Manager cash flow with wisdom and resilience.


Love: Good opportunity to start a relationship if you are looking for one. For married couples, consider livening up things between your loved one as a calm household may lead to boredom.


Health: Beware of joint problems and chronic diseases such as heart, high blood pressure and diabetes. Keep an eye on your diet and daily activities.


Lucky number: 3


Lucky day: Tuesday


Lucky colours: Gold, white and silver.



Overall: Predicted to be a slow year. Pay heed to challenges ahead.


Finance: You may face hurdles at work but perseverance will get you through the strife. Reduce your expenses and tighten your budget to prepare for uncertainties.


Love: Calm and peace in the household. Be diplomatic and avoid getting into disputes with your partner.


Health: Take proper rests and do frequent exercise.


Lucky number: 4


Lucky day: Thursday


Lucky colours: Yellow, brown and red.



Overall: Some things may be out of your control; so, be resilient and open-minded. Manage expectations and play safe. Utilize conventional methods instead of experimenting strategies.


Finance: For business owners, prepare yourself financially. For office workers, be wary and steer clear of office politics. Get ready for unexpected major expenses.


Love: Contemplate your decision and analyse your reasoning before saying things to your partner.


Health: Excellent health. But be mindful of food intake.


Lucky number: 1


Lucky day: Saturday


Lucky colours: Blue, black and grey.

So, are you ready to roar this new year? You can amp up your “HUAT” and “ONG” by getting yourself items according to your lucky colours! Check out what you can get to usher in the year of the Tiger: 8 Must Have Appliances For Chinese New Year 


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