Enjoy amazing offers when you register myIOU with BSN cards! - myIOU myIOU Enjoy amazing offers when you register myIOU with BSN cards! - myIOU

Enjoy amazing offers when you register myIOU with BSN cards!

This month, myIOU is welcoming consumers to register the BNPL app with their BSN cards in order to enjoy exclusive offers. There will be over 6.6 million BSN Cardmembers will now enjoy the flexibility of splitting their purchase into up to six-month instalments at 0% interest across various merchants. Are you one of them?  

If your answer is YES, what you have to do is just 3 simple steps: 

1. Download the app now from App Store or Google Play;

2. Register and complete the eKYC;

3. Bind with your BSN Credit or Debit card.

Figure 1 – How to Register myIOU

Voila! You’re now eligible for the RM10 welcome voucher using the code JOMIOU10 plus an ADDITIONAL RM10 voucher which you will receive in your registered email with BSN. 


Now that you are ready to shop with myIOU, do browse through the “Merchants” page in the app to check out their available merchants, which includes SOGO, Senheng, Petsmore, Lazo Diamond, Wah Chan, Happikiddo, All IT Hypermart, PC Image, Teppanyaki and many more! Apart from the welcome voucher that you have just received, several stores are having a promotion this October, namely Hype Vault, Annkang Wellness, Wacoal and Gamers Hideout. 


Skateboarding has been my newly added hobby recently and I’ve found this Supreme Stickers Skateboard from Hype Vault – one of the popular streetwear, sneaker and accessories stores featuring rare curated brands such as Yeezy, BAPE, Supreme, adidas, Nike, Champion and more. Although it is priced at RM799 only, using myIOU enables me to enjoy a discount at RM30 and allowing me to manage my budget better through its 0-interest monthly payment across 3 months.  

Another great news to all the BSN Cardholders is that if you spend a minimum of RM500 with myIOU using your binded cards, there is a chance for you to get a BSN Sijil Simpanan Premium (SSP) that is worth of RM100. 

*BSN SSP: BSN SSP is a mandated product of Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) where the customer can participate in BSN SSP’s draw and stand a chance to win attractive draw prizes. It is a unique Shariah-compliant savings product that open to an individual customer as young as 12 years old. BSN SSP is guaranteed by the Government of Malaysia.

Having a BSN card and at the same time using myIOU to checkout the payment is really helping to save a lot! To become such a smart consumer, make sure you download the myIOU BNPL app today and register it with your BSN cards. More information about the collaboration between BSN & myIOU can be found at www.bsn.gov.my and you can also turn on the notification for myIOU app for upcoming promotions and offers!   

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